GENESYS – Your reliable software for origin of goods and preference calculation

Do you want to apply the preferential rules correctly in order to benefit optimally from the customs privileges? Then this is the right place for you.

Applying preferential rules correctly

Profit optimally from customs privileges

Saves time

Efficient processing of origin of goods and preferences

Your reliable software for origin of goods and preference calculation (WuP)

GENESYS is the solution that enables you to efficiently handle and monitor the process around origin of goods and preferences (WuP) and to perform a correct preference calculation.

With GENESYS you can enter, request and issue long-term supplier’s declarations. The preference status is reliably determined on the basis of purchase orders, goods receipts and bills of material.

Software always up to date thanks to the automatic BEX data service
Checking the currently valid rules of origin
Management, verification and reminder of long-term supplier's declarations
Cumulation rules defined as standard
Connection to your existing ERP system possible
Other BEX products can be added at any time
Where a good officially comes from has many consequences in foreign trade. Perhaps most importantly: preferential customs duties reduce the price for the customer significantly! So it makes sense to deal with this topic. And as complicated and confusing as the legislation is, the ideas behind it are simple.

Easily issue your supplier’s declarations for 2018, 2019 and 2020 and calculate the preference for your manufactured goods.

What is WuP? Simply explained in 3 minutes

How can one benefit from customs concessions? What role do supplier’s declarations play? Simply and compactly summarized.

Preference calculation with GENESYS

In this first part, we show how you can request and manage supplier declarations.

In part 2 you will learn how to calculate using the data from your ERP system:

Part 3: How to issue supplier declarations automatically on this basis:

GENESYS in your company

  • All required data is imported in the background via the job control
  • Automatic post-processing
  • The requirements of the long-term supplier’s declaration are generated
  • Requesting (leaving) proofs – the easiest way is to click on the GENESYSPORTAL
  • verification validation – when entering the verification data
  • Release of evidence – you retain control and release the evidence
  • Automated valuation and calculation
  • Exporting Costing Results
  • issue certificates


GENESYS provides interfaces to existing upstream systems. Master and transaction data can be easily imported and post-processed.









SAP Lieferantenerklärung und Präferenzkalkulation








With the add-on ZGENESYS for SAP® the software can be integrated directly into your SAP processes.

Now also compatible with SAP® S/4HANA®!

  • Evidence of the past years in SAP®
  • Material master extended by preferential and foreign trade origin
  • Determination of preference indicator via condition in sales document
  • Direct access to the cost estimate from the material master or document
  • ZGENESYS_Productdescription
GENESYS can be flexibly integrated into your existing operating environment:

In your CRM systems and ERP systems, such as SAP® (now also compatible with SAP S/4HANA®), NAV, APplus, and many more

The application is available both in ASP mode (application is operated in the BEX computer center) and in INHOUSE mode (application is operated in your company).

1. ASP solution via our computer centre

clever asp




2. In-house solution in your company

clever inhouse

  • flexible interface
  • Quick access to important program functions
  • Logging of all preference calculations performed
  • system-based control of the valid exhibition periods (UZK)

Product description

GENESYS kompatibel mit S4HANA Produktbild PDF / 914 KB

ZGENESYS - integrated in SAP®

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