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softgarden already offers more than 1000 companies a daily advantage in the competition for the best candidates.

The softgarden Talent Acquisition Suite offers companies an optimal recruiting. With softgarden’s applicant management software, recruiters react faster to applications and hire the right candidates. Using the app, managers and all hiring managers are easily integrated into the workflow. In this way, decisions are made more quickly and reliably. In addition to the simple and DSGVO-compliant applicant management, the conversion-optimized career site and verified employer ratings are also part of the Talent Acquisition Suite.

On the support page of softgarden you can find everything about the interface and integration.

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softgarden application receipt

Fig. 1: New applications are automatically checked against sanctions lists. This process may take a few minutes. Applicants cannot be moved to the next step during the sanctions list check.

SANSCREEN History in softgarden

Fig. 2: Transparent documentation in the history in the applicant profile.

Manual testing required

Fig. 3: A manual check is necessary if the automated check shows a hit. As long as no manual check has been performed, it is not possible to move the applicant to the next step in the application process.

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