Order-related preference calculation

Auftragsbezogene Präferenzkalkulation

Configurable materials with SAP S/4 HANA

For companies that do not have a series production but a single-item production and thus generate a new bill of material for each order, the origin of goods and preference calculation must be carried out for each order item. In our projects with our solution for origin of goods and preferences GENESYS this was technically solved so far in such a way that the material number was extended by a suffix, as a rule the order number, and so a costing for this order item was carried out.

Process of order-related costing improved

With the ERP conversion from SAP ERP to SAP S/4 HANA, the valid field length of the material number was extended to 40 digits. Due to this small technical change, our procedure for order-related costing could no longer be used.

We took this as an opportunity to rethink the process of order-related costing in general, and so we were able to find both a solution to enable this with SAP S/4 HANA and to improve the process for all customers.

One-off production, variants and batches possible due to configurable materials

During the analysis, we were able to determine that in this process we need to support both materials that are sold multiple times as a variant or batch of a material and also those that are only manufactured once for a specific order. Thus, a reference to a material can now be transferred in GENESYS and additionally an indicator whether this material is only manufactured once.

Automatic creation of supplier declarations depending on the material code

Until now, a long-term supplier’s declaration (LLE) was issued for all materials for deliveries within the European Union, depending on the setting in the customer. However, for materials that are only manufactured once and shipped with this order, an individual declaration (LE) is sufficient for the order or delivery. Therefore, an individual declaration (LE) is automatically created for materials for which the indicator is set.

For future projects, order-related calculations can now be implemented more easily and professionally.
Do you have any questions about GENESYS or order-related costing? We look forward to your inquiry and to your project.

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