SANSCREEN sanctions list checking software

Are you on the safe side with your business partners and customers? SANSCREEN sanctions list screening software has the answer: check your business contacts for hits in the EU lists of sanctioned companies and automatically exclude illegal transactions in international trade.

Protect yourself from violations


Logs all processes

Fully automated testing possible


Automatic sanctions list check with SANSCREEN software

A sanctions list check with software such as SANSCREEN makes international trade safe for you: SANSCREEN can automatically compare company contacts with the current, official lists of sanctioned companies on request. SANSCREEN also creates reports of the checks, which you can submit to customs as evidence.
The advantages of the sanctions list check software at a glance

Sanctions lists from official sources and authorities


Fully automated verification of business partners & employees possible

Daily update of all relevant lists of sanctioned companies and persons


Complete logging of the test results – for submission during a customs inspection

Relevant hits – more security thanks to the unique S3 logic

In short: SANSCREEN saves you work, time and financial resources, and increases the security of your company.
Compatible with many common ERP systems
SANSCREEN add-ons can be flexibly integrated into your existing systems. Easily perform a sanctions list check with software you already use in your company. Our solution for checking sanctions lists fits perfectly with your CRM systems and ERP systems, such as SAP®, SAP® Business ByDesign®, Microsoft Dynamics® NAV and AX, Sage or APplus and many more. The application is available to you in ASP mode. This means you always have access to the latest lists of sanctioned companies and individuals, can have an automatic or manual check carried out and ensure your compliance with the applicable regulations at all times.
Compliance with regulations
The sanctions list check with software from BEX helps you to comply with regulations in international business. Background: Trade with a company or person on the official lists of sanctioned entities is prohibited. All international trade contacts must therefore be checked for list matches – both for exports and imports. Instead of manually comparing the addresses of your business partners with the data of each sanctions list for the check, you can fall back on a practical software solution: SANSCREEN.


  • By using the SANSCREEN software, you comply with the following EU regulations, among others:
    • Regulation (EU) Nr. 881/2002 against the Al-Qaida network
    • Regulation(EU) Nr. 753/2011 against certain persons, groups, undertakings and entities in view of the situation in Afghanistan
    • Regulation(EU) Nr. 2580/2001 against other suspected terrorists
    • Resolution (GASP) 2016/1693 concerning restrictive measures against ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida
    • Regulation(EU) 2019/796 on restrictive measures against cyber-attacks threatening the Union or its Member States
Link to ATLAS export possible
Are you already using our solution for ATLAS export, AES3? Then SANSCREEN is the right choice for you. This allows you to link both software solutions and check your contacts for hits in the lists of sanctioned companies and persons directly during the export declaration.

Why should I choose SANSCREEN?

SANSCREEN is the ideal solution for digitally mapping the legally required sanctions list check with software.

Our software automatically checks sanctions lists and reliably identifies suspicious business partners that you should avoid in international business. This allows you to maintain sanctions list compliance and prevent a potential breach of the law.

Models and prices

Would you like to implement sanctions list checks with software? With SANSCREEN you have found a particularly flexible solution. We offer you three different software packages that differ according to the number of users and the lists they contain. This allows you to choose the tariff plan that best suits you and your company.
Secure your sanctions list compliance with one of the following three SANSCREEN

*In addition to the annual costs, there are one-off costs for set-up, training and needs-based costs for transactions**.

Further package information on SANSCREEN

Which list of sanctioned companies and individuals is included in my SANSCREEN package? To make checking the sanctions list hits and thus the choice of software packages as transparent as possible, you will find an overview of the included lists here:

Checklist package (BAS-01)
The basic package, BAS-01, from SANSCREEN contains the following sanctions lists:

  • EU_CFSP: Consolidated list of persons, groups and entities subject to EU financial sanctions
  • GB_HMT: Consolidated list of Financial Sanctions Targets in the UK
  • US_SDN: Specially Designated Nationals And Blocked Persons List
  • US_DPL: Denied Persons List
  • CH_SECO: Consolidated List

Checklist package (EXT-02)
The extended checklist package, EXT-02 from SANSCREEN contains the following sanction lists:

  • EU_IRAN: Iran Embargo
  • US_EL: Entity List
  • US_UL: Unverified List
  • US_NPL: Nonproliferation List
  • US_NONSDN: Consolidated Sanctions List
  • US_LADP/LSDP: List of Administratively/Statutorily Debarred Parties
  • JP_METI: End User List

Politically exposed persons (PEP-03)
If you opt for SANSCREEN, not only a basic sanctions list check is possible via software. If you wish, you can expand the check of sanctioned companies – with an additional list. If you wish, you can also book the PEP “Politically exposed persons” (PEP-03) package. If you are interested in the PEP-03 list, simply contact our sales department or find out more on our information page: PEP Infosite.

HADDEX-lists (HAD-04)
The Haddex lists HAD-04 are an alternative to the BEX packages and can also be used to ensure sanctions list compliance using SANSCREEN.

International sanctions lists from Reguvis Verlag
• HADDEX lists divided into regions: EU, US, DV
• Individual lists are not licensable
• Comprehensive information can be found at Link.

Checklist package (RUS-05)
Das Russlandlistenpaket, RUS-05 von SANSCREEN enthält folgende Sanktionslisten:

  • EU_RUSD: Russland Embargo: Dual-Use-Güter
  • EU_RUSK: Russland Embargo: Kapitalmarkt

** Bedarfsabhängige Kosten - Transaktionen
Eine Transaktion in SANSCREEN ist ein geprüfter Datensatz. Sie können im Online-Shop die gewünschte Transaktionspaketgröße bestellen. Ihrem Konto werden dann die Transaktionen gutgeschrieben (Prepaid). Für jeder Prüfung wird eine Transaktion von diesem Guthaben abgezogen.

Bsp.: Sollten Sie 100 Geschäftspartner mit SANSCREEN prüfen, so werden 100 Transaktionen von Ihrem Prepaid-Guthaben abgezogen.

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