Export software for customs and foreign trade

A large number of formal conditions have to be fulfilled during export processing. With BEX, you have a reliable partner at your side with whom you can handle your processes in accordance with the legal requirements.

Our software products for customs and foreign trade

Solutions for export processing

More than 2,500 companies in the EU and Switzerland already rely on the customs software of BEX Components AG.



Years in business

Statutory regulations in foreign trade law, which can change again and again, as well as international laws and requirements make it difficult for employees in the export department to maintain an overview of customs law.

BEX is a software specialist for export and customs management systems for customs and foreign trade. This means that BEX systems can simplify, accelerate and automate the foreign trade processes in your company.

We support you in the following areas:

  • ATLAS export
  • Commodity coding and dual-use inspection
  • Form preparation

Many interfaces for different ERP systems are available, through which you can directly import export processes.

In addition, BEX offers you internationally applicable software solutions for:

  • Origin of goods and preference calculation

  • Management of supplier declarations

  • Sanctioned Party List Screening

  • Export declaration (especially for Switzerland)

  • Electronic assessment ruling (especially for Switzerland)

Linking the solutions via additional modules (e.g. Sanctioned Party List Screening in the export declaration) is possible without any problems. Special cases, such as outward processing, can be declared to customs with the product AES FOR YOU!

System integration of course

Interfaces for ERP systems

There are already many interfaces available for different ERP systems that you can use to import export processes directly. Let our sales partners advise you on this.

Stronger together

Our software and integration partners

Our products


Sanctioned Party List Screening and Embargo Screening

In order to minimize business risks, Sanctioned Party List Screening of your business partners is indispensable! As an exporter you are obliged to check your trading partners regularly!

Sanctioned Party List Screening for SAP® Business ByDesign™

SANSCREEN is available as a fully integrated plug-in version for SAP® Business ByDesign™ and Microsoft Navision.


Your reliable software for origin of goods and preference calculation (WuP)

Do you want to apply the preference rules correctly in order to benefit optimally from the customs advantages? GENESYS is the solution that enables you to efficiently handle and monitor the process around origin of goods and preferences (WuP) and to perform a correct preference calculation.


Supplier declarations quickly created online!

Do you still create your supplier declarations manually? Learn here how to create correct, secure and legally compliant supplier declarations in just a few steps.


The export declaration directly from your ERP system

The ATLAS Export electronic declaration procedure offers companies the possibility of a smooth and fast export declaration without having to go to the customs office and without tedious data entry.

With integration of the export declaration into many ERP systems.

Export declaration for SAP® Business ByDesign™

The export solution enables the simplest option of an electronic export declaration to the German customs authorities for SAP® ByDesign™ based on the certified BEX engine.


Create export documents easily

It makes sense to create the export documents accompanying the goods on the basis of the export declaration data in order to avoid system discontinuities and to simplify work processes. FORMULAR ONE can be integrated into AES FOR YOU! and


Research and code correctly – correct dual-use information

Are you looking for assistance with the correct document coding of your goods? You want to know whether you need an export license for your goods?