Who we are

Overcoming boundaries with solutions from BEX Components AG.
BEX Components AG is a software specialist for export and customs management systems.


We are

Software specialist for export and customs management systems.

Our mission

Making everyday work easier for people.

Our mission statement

We achieve our goal together as the BEX system.

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We are BEX components AG

Overcoming boundaries with solutions from BEX Components AG.

BEX Components AG is a software specialist for export and customs management systems. Founded as a start-up company in 2006, BEX is today one of the TOP 3 suppliers in Germany with its products.

More than 2,500 companies trust in BEX software components. These are harmoniously integrated into the daily business processes of export handling. With our software, we help companies to benefit from globalization while complying with all regulations.

In short: Overcoming boundaries – even when it seems difficult – made easy.


BEX as SME specialist of the AEB SE group of companies

As a part of the AEB SE group of companies, BEX positions itself with its core competencies and software solutions on small and medium-sized enterprises and thus seamlessly complements the overall product and service portfolio of the AEB Group. Our customers and partners benefit from meaningful extensions of the existing BEX product portfolio for custom-fit and scalable software solutions for the management of foreign trade processes. Through joint product developments, we bundle synergies and use the latest technologies to provide our customers and partners with future-oriented software applications.




Years in business

This is how we see ourselves: Our values


We invest time and energy to find simple, good and lasting solutions to a problem.

Respect and appreciation

We support each other in achieving our goals. Within the system we act as equals.


We dare new things and look for new solutions. We make decisions with a positive attitude.


Our actions and activities are transparent and comprehensible. We build on long-term relationships for mutual, long-term success.


Each task is completed with the necessary energy and time on its own.

The management

The management of BEX Components AG is formed by the executive board Roland Thürmer and the supervisory board with Karl Magenau (chairman).


Making customs work easier for as many people as possible! – that is the mission of the BEX, which I fully support.

Roland Thürmer

Roland Thürmer

Board of Directors & Original

“The topic of customs often appears complex to the outsider and is usually a necessary evil for the user. As a trained business information scientist, I am a friend of clarity and structure, first breaking things down into small parts and understanding how they work. I would like to pass this clarity on to the users of our software.

For me, this means that the user is involved from the conception to the implementation. Only the user can tell us what is really important for him and fits into his daily work. Of course, it is also a basic prerequisite that the software itself is functionally complete and reliable. Furthermore, it is important to me that the technical processes are designed in a simple and understandable way and that the user interface can be operated intuitively.

Our focus is on sales via partners – therefore it is essential for me to provide standardized interfaces that allow ERP and partner systems to be easily connected. And if a question or a problem arises, a fast and competent service is important for me.

The nice thing about my position at BEX is that I have the opportunity to put my ideas into practice, and I like to do so. However, in order to create a meaningful and useful product for many people, it is a prerequisite that you as a partner, customer or interested party share your thoughts with us. I am happy to listen to them. Because only together will we be able to turn the issue of customs from a necessary evil into a “Oh customs? It’s easy!”.

The team

BEX Team

Employee testimonials

Nico Hild

Nico Hild


“I successfully completed my dual studies at BEX and was subsequently taken on for an unlimited period. In the meantime, I am allowed to accompany our dual students through their training as a supervisor, among other things. I really appreciate the opportunity for self-expression here.”

Discover – Observe – Learn

Stefan Kluge

Stefan Kluge

Marketing & Key Account Manager

“I appreciate the great trust that is placed in me and every other employee at BEX. I enjoy working closely and collegially on many challenging and varied topics.”

Responsibility – Further development – Collegiality

Steven Schindler

Steven Schindler

Product Support Specialist

“Customer satisfaction is the name of the game at BEX. Because the cohesion in the TEAM is very strong, we can offer the best support to the customer to move forward quickly.”

Customers – Team – Cohesion

The BEX on the road together

Moving together.

Our mission is to make everyday work easier for many people.

Motivation, cohesion and trust among each other form the foundation for a successful company. We strengthen this with a variety of activities: a hike in the Allgäu, bowling, archery, barbecuing together, raft building or skiing trips in winter… We, the BEX Components AG, also have a lot of fun together in private!

do good

Social commitment

For us, it is part of our self-image not only to talk about social responsibility, but also to put it into practice when economic conditions permit. And this again and again: If a project spontaneously convinces us and fits into the context of BEX, we support it within the budgeted framework. The decisive factors for BEX are sustainability, the compatibility of social commitment with economic efficiency and a local connection.