The software for shipping: Shipping worldwide with SHIP-X

The SHIP-X mail order software enables you to manage your shipments easily, reliably and automatically. Processing takes place from your existing ERP system.

National and international multi-carrier shipping, also to third countries

From commissioning to label printing and tracking

For shorter lead times and more flexibility


Making the mail order business more efficient with SHIP-X software

Why use software in the mail order business? It’s simple: organizing the national and international shipping of goods for your own company or a customer can be an extremely complex task and take a lot of time.

Whether you are shipping items for an e-commerce retailer or a company from another industry, there is a huge choice of transport service providers. DHL Paket, UPS or FedEX Express: each service has new requirements for the transportation of goods. Necessary processes quickly become time-consuming and cost-intensive as a result. Transmitting relevant data as automatically as possible and creating the right documents therefore involves a great deal of effort. All the more so if you have to research the shipment status for a customer at the same time.

SHIP-X simplifies the shipping logistics of your company or your customer. Thanks to a suitable interface, our solution can be integrated directly into your ERP software or merchandise management system. This gives you direct access to the highest-volume transport companies and allows you to use their services flexibly and automatically. In this way, SHIP-X as mail order software ensures greater transparency, higher delivery quality and shorter throughput times in your shipping operations.

Step 1: Transport service provider & service are selected
Which service would you like to use to ship your goods? The transport service provider is selected directly in the ERP system. This information is transmitted to SHIP-X together with the shipment data.
Step 2: Creation of the shipment and label printing
The shipment is created in SHIP-X. Shipping labels are generated, transferred to your ERP and printed there directly.
Step 3: Upload customs-relevant documents
For trade with or shipping to a third country, you can also upload customs documents and commercial documents.
Step 4: Data is transmitted to the transport service provider
The shipments are collected by SHIP-X. All information and any documents contained are then sent digitally to the transport service provider.
Step 5: Tracking the shipment
Where are your goods currently located? With every shipping order, SHIP-X provides you with the tracking numbers for shipment and package tracking. This means that you are always up to date with the transportation of your items and can track the progress of your goods as soon as they have left the warehouse or your store.

How does shipping with SHIP-X work?

SHIP-X offers the user numerous practical functions – from the choice of transport service provider to label printing and tracking. Thanks to the connection to the ERP system, all processes relating to the shipping of your goods are child’s play.

How to use the software in the mail order business:

Why should I choose SHIP-X?

The answer to this question is quite simple: SHIP-X is a comprehensive mail order software that enables you to work more efficiently with your transport service providers. Without software, you may have several interfaces to different transport service providers or you may have to register the shipment of your goods via their websites. Especially if you or your customer are active in online retail and ship many items from your warehouse nationally and internationally through the online store, this type of handling is tedious and time-consuming in the long run. So simplify your logistics: use SHIP-X, optimize your shipping processes and make your business a success!

Your advantages when shipping with SHIP-X

Mail order software that provides you with all functions from a single source: SHIP-X helps you to simplify your shipping process. Benefit from the following advantages:

Coverage of the highest-volume carriers (parcel service providers and freight forwarders)

National and international shipping, also to third countries

Combine several packages in one shipment

Creation of shipping labels in various formats (from Zebra to PDF)

Electronic transmission of shipment data to the transport service provider

Tracking number for manual shipment and package tracking

Cloud-based software solution

Which transport service providers can I use with SHIP-X?

Thanks to SHIP-X, the following transport service providers are available to you for shipping goods – from the German market abroad or within Germany:

  • Dachser Landverkehr
  • DB Schenker Landverkehr
  • DHL Express
  • DHL Paket
  • DPD
  • FedEx Express (inclusive TNT Express)
  • GLS
  • UPS

So who is SHIP-X suitable for?

Using software in the mail order business is a great advantage for companies from a wide range of industries. SHIP-X is the perfect basis for an optimized shipping process, especially if you frequently have to process shipments – especially internationally and via different transport service providers.

The software is therefore particularly useful for companies in merchandise management – for example those in e-commerce that operate their own online store or omnichannel retail. But all other companies that otherwise have to spend a lot of time on shipping processing also benefit – such as wholesalers who ship their goods directly to their customers or business partners.

As SHIP-X can be connected to various ERP systems, there are no problems with data management, regardless of the company’s software equipment. SHIP-X can be used flexibly.

Price information SHIP-X

*In addition to the annual fees, there are one-off costs for set-up, training and consumption-based costs for transactions. One transaction is required per shipping order.

SHIP-X product description


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