Template & sample: Origin of goods and preference calculation (WuP)

Origin of goods and preferences for 2020: Overview – Last updated on 05 November 2019

Free templates and samples for preference calculation:




Excel template for preference calculation

What must be taken into account when calculating preferences?

  • Using the bill of material, you have determined which materials are required for production.
  • You have checked whether the required materials are procured from one or more vendors and which materials are currently in the warehouse.
    Note: If you do not store them separately, you cannot ensure their identity, so you must assume the worst case.
  • You have requested the vendor declarations for the materials from the vendor(s) and received them from your vendor.
  • You have determined the list rule for the commodity code and the required agreement countries.
    For information on goods tariff numbers and list rules, see https://www.zolltarifnummern.de/ and https://wup.zoll.de/wup_online/index.php


Apply Excel template – What changes are available

  • Only %-rules are shown in this template.
  • The document consists of 3 pages.
    • Content page 1: Work instructions, material information, product information, calculation and the preference result
    • Content page 2: Overview of the valid proofs of your suppliers.
    • Content page 3: Instructions on how to make changes and general information.
  • Company data / company logo – You can replace the stored sample address (suppliers AG…) in the header with your own company address, as well as insert/change your company logo.
  • The submission is not an official document. You can use and save the document without restriction.



Automatically request long-term supplier declarations and perform preference calculation with GENESYS:

GENESYS offers you the possibility to request a (long-term) supplier declaration from your customers at the push of a button or fully automatically. You can see at a glance from which suppliers you have already received an LLE and which ones are still outstanding. In addition, the system carries out preference calculations independently, so that you can save yourself a lot of effort and time.

Connections to all common ERP systems such as

  • SAP
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • SAGE
  • and many more…

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