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BEX & softgarden

How does softgarden support you in your recruitment?

softgarden’s product portfolio, which is optimized for the “candidate journey” and conversion, consists of the following three main components:

Das auf die „Candidate Journey“ und Conversion-optimierte Produktportfolio von softgarden stellt sich aus folgenden drei Hauptbestandteilen zusammen:

Career site Pro – the flagship for your company

On your career site, job seekers get the first impression about you as an employer. The conversion-optimized career site pro from softgarden can be created independently as an overarching career website as well as a target group-specific landing page without external developer costs – even in your own corporate design. It automatically synchronizes job ads and is mobile-optimized. This makes employers fit for Google’s “mobile only” algorithm and turns job prospects into applicants. BEX also uses softgarden’s career site pro.

How to give your applicants a voice

softgarden supports you in visibly improving your employer presence and optimizing the findability on Google through user-generated content. This gives you a clear advantage in the competition for the best talents. For this purpose, applicants and new employees are automatically asked for an evaluation by an independent party. Learn more about the softgarden Feedback Solution here.

Faster and simpler processes

The impatience of applicants is constantly increasing – especially due to the habitual behavior from e-commerce. If you want to hire the best candidates, you have to react quickly. With softgarden applicant management, employers shorten their time-to-interview by up to 60%, simplify their entire recruiting process and hire the best candidates faster.

Automatic screening of applicants

Since mid-2020, there has been a strong partnership between softgarden and BEX. Thanks to SANSCREEN, incoming applications can be automatically checked for sanctioned party lists.

The anti-terror regulations in force in the EU oblige every company to check its employees against the relevant sanctioned party lists. Anyone who pays a listed employee a salary despite being listed risks being prosecuted for this. The company could face fines in the millions and its executives could be imprisoned.

With softgarden you can check candidates directly from the system on the common sanctioned party lists. The integration is a complete integration to the softgarden system, which makes the operation very easy. Without previous check the processing of the candidate is not possible.

You can read how easy the integrated sanction check works on softgarden’s help sites.

Want to learn more?

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