Authorized Exporter – success factors for your project

[Update 20 September 2019]
The application for Authorized Exporter is available electronically since August 1, 2019.
This must be used for the application – the form can be found here.

The reasons for companies to deal with the topic of origin of goods and preferences vary greatly. The internal customs clearance or export department recognizes a competitive advantage or feels a disadvantage compared to the competitors due to missing preference certificates. European as well as international customers demand corresponding proofs in order to gain preferential advantages. This short video explains what is meant by the topic of origin of goods and preferences and what advantages you and your customers can gain from this.

In addition, many companies are interested in becoming an Authorized Exporter, as it provides them with additional benefits which are decisive for many companies. With the authorization, preferential declarations of origin on commercial documents may be issued independently. In trade with Turkey, A.TR. movement certificates that have been pre-processed or bear a special stamp may be used. Since formal proof of preference is not required in trade with the Republic of Korea, a proof of preference – in the form of a declaration of origin – can be issued exclusively by an authorized exporter for export shipments with a value of more than EUR 6,000. Therefore, for many companies with export business to Korea, an authorization is indispensable.

We have asked our clients what are the success factors in the implementation of the project origin of goods and preferences related to the authorized exporter:

  • There is a project manager who is intensively involved with the topic
  • Necessary project participants are internally the areas customs, purchasing, logistics, production, sales and IT
  • In addition, it makes sense to involve the responsible customs office in the project at an early stage, as they often accompany the project until it is approved
  • The customs office checks the work and organization instructions for the mandatory information listed in the information sheet on the authorized exporter. In addition to the information sheet, the following literature may be helpful in preparing the A&O
  • Appropriate document management is necessary for the storage of calculations and supplier declarations
  • In the case of software for origin of goods and preferences, it is a major advantage if it is compatible with the ERP system used. Some customers even see this as an indispensable prerequisite

Baumer hhs GmbH from Krefeld in Germany, known for reliable and innovative systems for adhesive application and quality control, has found partners in cooperation with SYSTEM AG für IT-Lösungen and BEX Components AG to introduce preferential processing company-wide and to obtain the authorization of authorized exporters. With the standard connection of the WuP application GENESYS to the ERP system Sage New Classic, the prerequisite was created for IT-supported mapping of all processes – from the request for supplier declarations to preference calculation and printing of the origin notes on the invoice – and integration into the value-adding processes.

Would you like to learn more about the advantages of the origin of goods and preference calculation? Then please contact us or choose your desired specialist on our partner page.

Geschrieben von <a href="" target="_self">Alexander Haun</a>

Geschrieben von Alexander Haun

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