Long-term supplier’s declaration 2021

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Long-term supplier’s declaration form & template

The templates are free of charge for you and can be used as a suggestion or filled out sample if you need to request or issue explanations. You can use the form and exchange only the variable data or you can use the examples as a template for your own version.

The samples comply with the currently valid requirements of the Implementing Regulation (EU 2015/2447 Art.61 et seq.) of the Union Customs Code and therefore use the legally compliant wording on the form The previous Regulation (EC) 1207/2001 is no longer valid. The template provided here has proven itself and is currently used by more than 20,000 companies (suppliers and customers) in Germany and the European Union.

Supplier declaration for goods having preferential originating status
applicable for long-term supplier's declaration with validity 2018, 2019 and 2020
currently legally compliant wording (UZK 2018)
multilingual (German, English, French)

Supplier declaration – this must be observed:

  • The wording of the Supplier declaration is binding (therefore do not use your own wording)
  • The individual goods must be clearly identified
  • Supplier declarations are used for origin and preference determination
    as well as for the preparation of follow-up certificates
  • Careful BREXIT – at the confirmation for GB – United Kingdom!
    With the probable departure of England on 29 March 2019, goods from England with the previous indication of origin EU / CE lose their European origin.
  • You should therefore check supplier declarations carefully

Supplier declaration from A to Z

Supplier declaration – what is it? Why is a supplier declaration required? Who creates supplier’s declarations? How long is an Supplier declaration valid? What must a supplier declaration contain? What does an long-term supplier’s declaration look like?

Free templates and samples for long-term supplier’s declaration: