BEX strengthens the AEB company group


For a long time now, BEX and AEB in Stuttgart have been linked not only by geographical proximity, but also by a long-standing and successful development partnership.
Now we have decided to bring our companies even closer together: BEX has joined the AEB group of companies. In this course, AEB SE has acquired 100% of the company shares of BEX Components AG.

What changes for our partners and customers?

BEX remains an autonomous company with its own strategies, products and prices. For our partners or customers, therefore, nothing will change with regard to the familiar contacts, products, interfaces, services and support. Everything will continue to be available at the usual conditions.

However, there will probably be new opportunities: AEB SE is also a provider of software for foreign trade – but offers a wider range and additionally covers logistics solutions. Tariffing, export control, import and shipping are some of the topics under which we see possible and useful expansions for our existing portfolio. Partners and customers will then also be able to benefit from these in the future.

That means in short: Everything good remains – with new opportunities and possibilities “on top”.

How does BEX position itself within the AEB company group?

Small to medium-sized companies that have a need for standard software that can be easily integrated into daily foreign trade processes benefit best from our components. This is where we will expand the spectrum of the AEB Group of Companies as a specialist for the SME sector.

As a strategic partner platform, we connect ERP manufacturers as well as IT service providers, customs experts and other specialized solution partners. In this way, we bring the user together with the right software. And with the ideal solution partner at their side. This hub will thus be further expanded with AEB’s services and partners.

So basically nothing new: We continue to strengthen our strengths and do what we do best. From now on in a strong group of companies.

We overcome borders.
Simply. Different.

Yours faithfully

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Stefan Kluge

Stefan Kluge

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