Establish a long-term supplier’s declaration

for 2019, 2020 and 2021

Are you a supplier? Do you manufacture or trade in goods? Do customers require a supplier’s declaration from you?

When and why do I have to establish a supplier’s declaration?

Even if your customer is located within the European Union, it is very likely that they will already request supplier’s declarations from you today. Why? He needs them to be able to determine and prove the European origin of his products. Your customer can thus save a lot of money when exporting his own products that use one of your components. He then pays little or no import duties in the third country.

Establish long-term supplier’s declaration –Word template

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Establish a long-term supplier’s declaration – form in PDF format

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Supplier declaration from A to Z

Supplier declaration – what is it? Why is a supplier declaration required? Who creates supplier’s declarations? How long is an Supplier declaration valid? What must a supplier declaration contain? What does an LLE look like?

Other possibilities for establishing long-term supplier’s declarations

Automatic request, issue and calculation

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