Create export documents easily

Create export documents, a EUR.1, A.TR. or a CMR waybill with FORMULAR ONE

with just one mouse click.

Create export documents with one click

Easy modification of the export documents

Wide range of forms

Foreign trade forms with one click

The optimal supplement to the electronic export declaration

Avoid system breaks and simplify your work processes with FORMULAR ONE! How do you do that? With FORMULAR ONE you create your goods accompanying export documents directly from the export declaration. FORMULAR ONE is the perfect complement to AES FOR YOU! and HELV-E-DEC.

All forms in one overview
Time saving and a smooth process of creation and completion
Extensive data basis

Create export documents: a EUR.1, A.TR. or a CMR waybill with FORMULAR ONE with just one mouse click

  • automatically and
  • directly from the export declaration.

After the export documents have been created, the field contents can be adjusted as desired in typewriter mode. For example, an address can still be quickly adjusted.

FORMULAR ONE in your company

FORMULAR ONE supports its users in filling out various forms. Together with AES FOR YOU! and HELV-E-DEC the filling in runs automatically by mouse click.

Integration for existing ATLAS customers


Trouble-free connection and data transfer for AES FOR YOU! and HELV-E-DEC existing customers.

We offer you two options for using FORMULAR ONE:

1. ASP solution via our data center





2. In-house solution in your company

Wide range of forms:

  • Dispatch/Export
  • AM for emergency procedure ATLAS export
  • Form for preferential trade EUR.2
  • Supplier declaration for goods with preferential origin status
  • and much more


Which forms can I create with FORMULAR ONE?

FORMULAR ONE is modular, which means: you determine which forms you want to use.

The following forms are available:

For the EU:

  • EUR1 Movement certificate EUR.1
  • ATR movement certificate A.TR (Turkey)
  • EUR2 Form for concessionary movement of goods EUR.2
  • IP Certificate of origin
  • SPED forwarding order
  • UPS1 Waybill
  • DHL DHL house waybill
  • T5LL Loading list for T5
  • TNT4 TNT waybill domestic
  • TNT5 TNT waybill international
  • CMR International waybill
  • CMR_K International waybill (Köhler Verlag)
  • 0733 Dispatch / Export
  • 0733N AM for emergency procedure ATLAS export
  • 0734 Dispatch / Export Supplementary Sheet
  • 0734N AM for emergency procedure ATLAS export supplementary sheet
  • 0761 Incomplete/Simplified export declaration
  • 0769 Transit document T2L
  • 0770 Supplementary sheet for form 0769
  • 3095 Supplier’s declaration for goods with preferential origin status
  • 3096 Long-term supplier’s declaration for goods having preferential originating status
  • LLEoP Long-term supplier’s declaration for goods not having preferential originating status
  • 4005 Export license or advance fixing certificate AGREX
  • DA59_CN Declaration of Origin – Republic of South Africa
  • D43_CN Canada Customs Invoice
  • GPA German Parcel address label

For Switzerland:

  • EUR1_CH Movement Certificate EUR.1 Switzerland
  • SPED_CH Forwarding order Switzerland
  • 11.030 Export customs declaration Switzerland
  • 11.031 Export customs declaration continuation sheet Switzerland
  • 11.51 Consignment note clearance with vouchered amount
Can forms be filled automatically?

In your export declaration you have the possibility to create forms. Here, all relevant information is pulled from the AM and transferred to the form automatically. You can then print these directly.

Can a form be changed manually at a later time after it has been saved?

Forms can always be edited and changed. This works via the edit mode. After saving, the form will be updated.

Where can previously created forms be retrieved again?

Created forms can be retrieved either the export declaration in the “Forms” tab or directly in the FORMULAR ONE plugin under the “Documents” menu item.

Product description for FORMULAR ONE (available only in German)

Ausfuhrdokumente auf Knopfdruck und Bearbeitung im Schreibmaschinenmodus

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