Electronic investment decisions for Switzerland

Since 1 March 2018, the eVV obligatory for the collection of import documents in Switzerland has been in force. This means that there is now only the electronic form of the tax assessment notice.

It is therefore advisable to use software that facilitates and automates the collection, management and archiving of documents.

Collection of receipts and bordereau

Export of documents

Change history

Process optimization for investment dispositions

Electronic dispositions of assessment conveniently and securely under control

Collection of receipts and bordereau
Viewing documents
Facilitates and automates the collection, management and archiving of documents.
With e-dec Export, the Swiss exporter is not sent a paper document as proof, but only an electronic disposition (eVV), which is legally valid as a signed and encrypted XML file obtained via the e-dec ReceiptService. The same applies to imports.

The FCA does not provide archiving services for customs partners and only makes the electronic disposition available for collection during the legally prescribed period. The complete SOAP message of the eVV as well as the protocol of the signature verification must be kept by the customs partner from this time on.

This archiving can be done easily and conveniently for you with EVV ADMIN. Manage your dispositions, refund documents and bordereaux from import and/or export without much effort with EVV ADMIN!

Product description

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EVV ADMIN – It’s that simple.

EVV ADMIN in your company

  • Collection of receipts and bordereau
  • Viewing documents
  • Log book for the document
  • Export of documents
  • Import of documents in EVV ADMIN from other programs
  • Change history
Easy connection and data transfer for existing HELV-E-DEC customers.

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2 In-house solution in your company

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