Electronic assessment order for Switzerland

Abholung von Belegen und Bordereau

Export von Dokumenten


Prozessoptimierung bei Veranlagungsverfügung

Elektronische Veranlagungsverfügung günstig und sicher im Griff

Abholung von Belegen und Bordereau
Anzeigen von Dokumenten
Erleichterung und Automatisierung bei der Abholung, Verwaltung und Archivierung der Belege bietet.

Since March 1, 2018, the eVV obligation applies when collecting import documents in Switzerland. This means that there is now only the electronic form of the assessment ruling. Therefore, it is recommended to use a software that offers facilitation and automation in the collection, management and archiving of the receipts.

With e-dec Export, the Swiss exporter is not sent paper as proof, but only an electronic assessment ruling (eVV), which is legally valid as a signed and encrypted XML file obtained via the e-dec ReceiptService. The same applies to imports.

The FCA does not provide an archiving service for the customs partners and only makes the eVV available for collection during the legally prescribed period. The complete SOAP message of the eVV as well as the log of the signature verification must be kept by the customs partner from this point on.

This archiving can be done easily and comfortably for you with EVV ADMIN. Manage your assessment rulings, refund documents and bordereaux from import and/or export without much effort with EVV ADMIN!


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EVV ADMIN – So einfach geht das.

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  • Abholung von Belegen und Bordereau
  • Anzeigen von Dokumenten
  • Logbuch zum Beleg
  • Export von Dokumenten
  • Import von Dokumenten in EVV ADMIN von anderen Programmen
  • Änderungshistorie
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