What does Brexit mean for shipments to the UK?

Brexit & EU
Brexit & EU

January 31, 2020 was the deadline for the UK to leave the EU. Now there was a transition period until mid-December 2020 to negotiate a possible agreement. Despite the length of time and repeated postponements of the deadlines, the current trend is that there will be no agreement for the time being. If no more agreement is reached, the UK is heading for a hard Brexit. Unlike Northern Ireland, Great Britain will be considered a third country after the turn of the year to which export declarations must be made.

“Special arrangements for Northern Ireland have been included in the Withdrawal Agreement (Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland). Northern Ireland remains part of the customs territory of the United Kingdom, but it is treated as if it were part of the customs territory of the Union.” (ATLAS – Info 0092/2020)

Brexit Ausfuhr

What does it mean specifically for users of AES FOR YOU! ?

  • Goods must be declared from 1.1.2021 and the following values must be indicated when exporting to GB: Country of destination: “GB” and type of declaration (export): “EU”. This is because legally, shipments to the UK after the cut-off date are not shipments, but exports.
  • Contrary to what some chambers of commerce have previously described, “GB” is used as the country code, not “XU”.
  • Exports to Northern Ireland still do not require declarations.
  • Exports via GB that have not received a completion by the deadline can only receive a “completed” status after the deadline with an alternative proof.
  • An export declaration where the customs office of exit is in the UK and has not been surrendered by the cut-off date will result in the transaction not being surrendered.

Summary: If you as a user of AES FOR YOU! export goods to the United Kingdom, export declarations must be made from January 1, 2021. The technical conditions on our part will be implemented with the deadline. This includes coding and plausibility checks.

The legal situation from the perspective of export control was not modified within the transition period. Accordingly, no new licensing requirements or legal measures were taken for export control. However, the licensing requirements for dual-use goods, certain firearms, goods subject to the Anti-Torture Regulation, trade and brokering transactions and technical assistance will now change from 01 January 2021. The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control has provided a detailed FAQ to answer questions related to export control. This FAQ can be found at:


Electronic export declaration

Electronic export declaration



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