Strikes, pins and delicious food – teamevent 2017

The team event 2017 led the BEX team to the Dream-Bowl in Fellbach. As always the focus was on teamwork, fun and for some sporting competition.

Already during the journey on the German railway from Aalen to Fellbach, the BEX colleagues immersed themselves in bowling jargon – skittles became pins, clearing up became a strike, and at the start of the games everyone knew what they had to do.

Bevor es losging wurden die BEXler im Bowling-Center mit einer Stärkung in Form von Getränken und Canapés freundlich begrüßt und professionell fürs Bowling ausgerüstet.

Before we started, the BEX team was given a friendly welcome in the bowling centre with refreshments in the form of drinks and canapés and professionally equipped for bowling.

After the dinner the award ceremony took place. The winner was Alex, with 520 points, who started with his own bowling ball. Mike took second place with 500 points, just behind him Steven came in third with 497 points.Despite tired legs, aching arms and a full stomach, the BEX team felt comfortable and in good hands. There were no limits to be overcome at this event, but the event will certainly be remembered for a long time.


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Geschrieben von Nese Öztunc

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