Canoeing in the Altmühltal – paddling together to reach the goal

On July 27, 2019 we started punctually at 7:45 am by bus to Solnhofen.
Arriving there at 10:00 a.m., we fortified ourselves with a good Bavarian Weißwurst breakfast with pretzels and sweet mustard or a cheese platter.
After we received the equipment and the briefing, we could start paddling at 11:45 am.
After Solnhofen we paddled towards the most beautiful rock formation of the Altmühltal, the “Zwölf Apostel”. From the canoe we could see the majestic looking limestone cliffs, which fit in a semicircle to the course of the Altmühl. After a short time we reached the sporting highlights of the tour, the two weirs “Hammermühle” and “Hagenacker”. With momentum we passed the idyllic boat slides. Not all of our BEX team stayed dry during this slide tour.
Afterwards, romantic beer gardens in Dollnstein invited to a cosy cup of coffee and a fresh piece of cake.
Partly dry, partly soaking wet we arrived at our destination after 13 km of canoeing. From there we took the bus back to Solnhofen to the Aktivmühle. There we ended the day with a cosy barbecue dinner.
Despite the exhausting canoeing we enjoyed our event especially well. Even though we had aching arms and sometimes reached our limits, we will remember this day for a very long time.

Nese Öztunc

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