Business Partner Day 2020

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Header Partnertag

BEX Business Partner Day 2020 – An Online Event

Corona led to replanning

Due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) we had to make the difficult decision to cancel the Business Partner Day as a usual face-to-face event in October.

As the dynamics of the pandemic had already started to increase again in September, many of our registered partners had to cancel their participation. We also thought about the safety of all participants and decided to cancel the event for the time being and to reschedule it afterwards.

BEX Business Partner Day 2020 with Microsoft Teams

It is important for us to stay in contact with our partners to report on the news and changes at BEX, to exchange ideas with them and to hear the ideas and opinions of our partners. As we did when LogiMat 2020 was cancelled, we did not let this stop us from our plan and set up an online event. To enable the exchange, we chose Microsoft Teams as the platform. 

The replacement event for LogiMat 2020 was our live online trade fair For all those interested: Click here to go to the trade fair page.

User Experience – Turnaround at BEX

Since the end of 2019, we have made it our task to bring the user-friendliness to a level that was previously unknown in customs software by redeveloping the existing products. The most important point here is to implement the products in such a way that the user can work in a goal-oriented manner and, above all, is relieved in everyday work with the BEX products through task appropriateness.

In this part of the event our product manager Sebastian Baumgarten presented the principle of user experience. He also presented the new design of SANSCREEN, for which we received a good response from the participants.

You can find more about User Experience in the following articles:


Review and forecast

We then summarized the developments of the year that took place outside the pandemic. Highlights were:

  • Due to cancelled LogiMat 2020 organize the BEX online fair BEXPO
  • The new platform for BEX online workshops: BEX Academy
  • BEX website relaunch: fresher, more modern, simpler

After looking back, it is also important to know what we and our partners can expect in 2021 in addition to the fundamental new developments. This includes, among other things:

  • Brexit adjustments in AES FOR YOU! and GENESYS
  • Composition of goods: Meaningful extension of the GENESYS range of services
  • BEX Academy: Continuation of the existing offer and finding new topics
  • Preparations for AES 3.0
  • Expansion of partner communication

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal and new partners who participated in such large numbers at our Online Business Partner Day.

We very much hope that we will be able to welcome all participants again in 2021 for a customary face-to-face event.



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