AES Export 3.0 – What changes and innovations to expect

Why is there a new release?

The EU’s AES 3.0 project in connection with the trans-European AES (project component 1) includes, on the one hand, the implementation of the simplified procedure offered for trade within the framework of the IPC. This will facilitate the export of goods for European companies (e.g., centralized customs clearance). On the other hand, it contains the obligations arising from the UCC to better monitor exports from the EU customs territory in order to prevent fraud.

How does AES FOR YOU! work technically?

Messages in the form of xml documents are sent between participant, customs office of export and customs office of exit with different contents. For example, the EXP_DAT represents the message containing all information for an export declaration. This is processed by the export customs office and a receipt (EXP_STA) is sent to the participant. At customs or even at the application, incoming messages have to be interpreted and correctly represented (e.g. the export accompanying document with MRN).

To map the complete process with these messages, it needs 15 messages. The number of these messages does not change in Release 3.0.

What changes with the new release AES 3.0?

Each of these messages is filled with data fields. Some messages contain fewer data fields, others like the EXP_DAT significantly more. In the new version 3.0 these are approx. 310 data fields. In direct comparison to the previous version 2.4.8, the required number of fields is now increased by approx. 100 data fields. Filling input fields to this extent seems daunting at first glance. Many, however, are among the 310 fields dependent on again other fields. Some fields will be implemented with release 3.0, will exist afterwards but are not intended for use for the time being.

What challenges are we currently facing in the development of the new release?

Some of the existing fields will no longer exist in Release 3.0. For example, there will no longer be any data fields related to outward processing as in the previous form. Some of the participants of the participant constellation will be omitted with the changeover and new ones will be inserted.

Other new fields will be needed because of the duty calculation, the place of goods, the foreign trade participants and the currency conversion. These must be implemented completely new at the correct places.

Hierarchical structures are partly changed or extended. Up to now, several packages or documents could be entered for one goods item. With Release 3.0, there will be a further deeper hierarchy level, where the representation is to be implemented in a comprehensible and user-friendly manner.

What will change in familiar masks?

Instead of changing the structures of the input masks, we will extend them with the new input options relevant in the course of the update. Nevertheless, we will make small user-focused changes to improve the clarity and the resulting operation.

When can we expect the new release?

For our part, it is planned that in Q1 2022 the certification of AES FOR YOU! will be carried out. This is because it must be carried out and all users converted to the new release by November 2022 at the latest.



Sebastian Baumgarten

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